Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bubba Love

Bubba....say the name out loud. C'mon, humor me! Wonderful, isn't it? When I was single, my son and I would joke about my imaginary boyfriend, Bubba. He was a good ol’ boy, a man who believed gravy is a beverage. I envisioned Bubba as a very large man, whose belly eclipsed his feet, a connoisseur of Road Kill Stew.

After marrying Gene, he shared with me his Bubba Keg. I knew it was true love. The Bubba Keg is an ideal travel mug for real “drinkers” like me.  As with my imaginary Bubba, the Bubba Keg is a big boy, larger at the top than the base, able to carry 32 ounces of my favorite beverage – hot or cold. This mega-mug accommodates plenty of soda, water or hot chocolate, keeping the cold drinks colder and my hot chocolate hotter longer! And, the base fits comfortably in my vehicle's drink holder.

Consider then the great deluge of disappointment when the lid to my Bubba Keg went missing last year. I searched and searched to no avail. Rendered lidless and ineffective, my defective Bubba Keg turned road trips into a sloppy, sloshy, sticky mess. I finally gave up and packed away the blemished Bubba Keg.

While my husband held out hope for the return of my missing Bubba Keg lid, I knew better. The unseen black hole of our house had certainly swallowed up another victim. I felt strongly that the Bubba Keg lid had joined the company of the mountains of misfit socks, my husband’s wedding ring, his Social Security Card, along with pairs of my glasses, rogue Scrabble pieces and all my favorite pens.

And speaking of missing socks, it appears Science is still working on that problem:

For the past year, Gene and I have searched unsuccessfully for a replacement Bubba Keg travel mug. On occasion, we have mistakenly thought other look-a-like mugs would work just as good. We were wrong.

I had totally given up hope, resorting instead to (lowering my voice to just a whisper, so all my “green” neighbors won’t hear) the large Styrofoam cups at the local convenience store. (Ssshhh! I heard your gasp!)

Then, yesterday while in Target, I made the most unexpected discovery on the automotive aisle – Bubba Kegs! JalepeƱo!! I bought one in chrome and in plum – His and Hers Bubba Kegs!

Ah yes, Life feels complete again. Can you say, “Road Trip?!”

Bubba's Back, Y'all!