Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time For Change

Anyone who knows me understands why I am low energy and just slow pokin’ around today. The result of the presidential election simply wasn’t to my liking. Well, at least I voted my conscience. A friend of mine asked me not to discuss the results with him for a week to let the information settle and to observe a proper mourning time for Democracy. I’ll just keep reminding myself that God’s in charge of the Big Picture and I’ll have an extra helping of chocolate cake. That oughta help.

Oftentimes with change comes uneasiness, depression, feelings of loss, loss of control, unpredictability and fear of the unknown. But, change can also be a catalyst of good, causing us to re-evaluate our priorities, test the limits of our faith in God, acknowledge our weaknesses, take steps to improve ourselves and our environment, seek knowledge and help others.

I’ve been told the only thing that changes about us is everything. Change is constant. Pining away for the “good ole days” isn’t going to bring them back. Each of us must learn to adapt and adjust to change, to endure well. That is our challenge as beings in these unstable times. Why, only a few years ago, my mother had no idea how to turn on a computer. Now, she takes her laptop on trips. All of us can learn and grow and change, if we want to.

We are beginning to see the leaves change here in Central Texas. The county road leading up to the Double M Ranch is now tree-lined with leaves of yellow, orange and dots of red. The live oaks, which are prominent here on the Ranch, stay green, but driving out to town and back provides proof that Fall is here (even if the temperatures don’t).

In an effort to improve processes, I have decided to make a change in blog sites. The Yahoo360 site is fraught with bugs and slowness, so I’ve decided to switch over to Google's I hope this is an improvement, both for you to access my little vignettes and for me to post them. As always, I welcome your feedback!

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And, wisdom to know the difference
Thy will, not mine, be done.

Remember Who’s Large & In Charge, Y’all!
(And, it ain’t me & you!!)

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  1. I like your move to Blogger! Keep up the good work.