Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma Who?!

“Hi Grandma!” a little voice said. Grandma? Who is that child talking to? Then, it hit me. Jeremy, Gene’s grandson, was addressing me. “Grandma, would you read me a book?” “Sure, honey”, I replied, just like a loving grandmother should.

We’d gone down to San Antonio to visit Gene’s daughter, Liz, her husband, Kalin and their children, Jeremy and Kalini. Gene has been a grandparent for several years now. I, on the other hand, married into grandparenthood this past June.

For years, I’ve told my son, Eric, that since I only had him and no other children, I expect him to give me lots of grandchildren…when the time is right, of course. Little did I know that by marrying Gene, my wish would be granted…overnight. I now have seven grandchildren, five of whom I’ve never even met.

I love children, and as I’ve learned about the Gospel and the special, unique spirit that each child is, I’ve grown more fascinated by them. More importantly, I see the positive impact I have on children. The older I get, the more patience I have with them. I like to read to them, play games with them and dance together.

Since I never had a little girl of my own, my nieces, and now my granddaughter, Kalini, give me the opportunity to relive the things I loved about my own childhood – twirling dresses, dancing, putting on makeup and high heels, fixing hair, painting fingernails and cuddling.

My grandson, Jeremy, lets me relive all the joyous moments I enjoyed with my own son, such as joking, tickling, thumb wars and back scratching. Little boys are so wonderful!

As I approach my 50th birthday this year, I see that I have entered into a different phase of life, and I really like it. Grandma Grayson...yeah, that’s me!

“Children are an heritage of the Lord.” – Psalms 127:3

“Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children are their fathers.” –Proverbs 17:6

Hug Your Grandkids, Y’all!

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  1. Elle has Kalini's dress! They are going to be fast friends, I can tell!