Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Weirdness

Here I am watching the first game of the World Series being played in AT&T Park in San Francisco. This is the first time the Texas Rangers have ever won a title, making it to the World Series. They are up against the San Francisco Giants, who last won a World Series pennant 56 years ago. The 2010 World Series should prove to be a very interesting contest indeed.

However, since the 4th inning, it seems like every other word out of my mouth has been, “Caaa-raaaap!” With the Rangers trailing the Giants 8-2, I decided instead of focusing on winning the game, I would focus on other aspects. The first thing I noticed was how adorable the 26-year old Giants’ starting pitcher, Tim Lincecum, was. Why, he’s cute enough to keep, don’t you think?

Hot diggity! Here in the top of the 6th, the Rangers have gotten two more hits, and Lincecum has been relieved. The score is now 8-4. Thought I wasn’t paying attention, eh?

The other item of interest is the neckwear worn by players of both teams. What in the world are these bizarre, ugly-looking, twisted necklaces? I’m probably one of the last people on the planet to notice them. But, in case you, too, are a very periodic baseball watcher like me, they are called Phiten necklaces. Developed in Japan, the nylon-coated titanium necklaces are intended to promote pain relief and enhance performance through improved circulation and stress reduction. For an idea of what they look like, see Elvis Andrus and his teammates below.

Bottom of the 8th inning and now the score is 11-4, Giants. ”Caaa-raaaap!”

Where was I? Oh yes…Serious, heavy duty beards seem to be one of the new Giants fashion fads. First, there was relief pitcher, Sergio Romo’s beard.

And then in the 9th inning, we got to see the infamous Brian Wilson’s beard, which looks unnaturally dark. Brian has gained quite a following with his beard.

Even the Giants fans seem to be getting into the beard fashion, wearing fake beards and promoting the slogan, “Fear the Beard”.

As I return my attention to the game, the Rangers knock in three runs during the 9th inning, but at the conclusion of this first World Series game, the Texas Rangers were no match for the San Francisco Giants on their home turf.

The final score: Giants – 11, Rangers - 7

Caaa-raaaap Y’all!


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