Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wish Upon A Star

When I was a little girl, I bought into all the fairy tales about that gallant, chivalrous knight on the glorious white steed, who would whisk me away from reality into a sparkling world of wonder.

  I dreamt that the glass slipper would fit.

I desperately desired the prince’s kiss to awaken me from my daily slumber.

I just knew all my dreams would come true, because Jiminy Cricket assured me they would.

But, while awaiting the arrival of my one true love, I whistled while I worked, wished upon star after star, and kissed more toads than I care to remember. All I found were bad apples, cracked mirrors, warts and evil mothers-in-law.

My heartache and despair brought me to my knees where I did my best to figuratively scrub my floors clean.

With the help of the Mistress Headshrinker of Oz (a.k.a. Pam Bailey), I removed my rose-colored glasses, clicked my ruby red cowboy boots together three times and began to see a bright, beautiful world of reality surrounding me.

And, then three years ago it happened...

My knight, albeit with dented armor from the many dragons he’d fought and slayed, magically appeared in his white Jeep Cherokee, ready to defend my honor and protect my delicate ego. But, wait! I knew this fine knave! Wasn't this my dear, kind friend from long ago?!  Indeed, it was Sir Eugene, son of Nel!

The more I stared, the brighter his armor gleamed. A year later, Sir Eugene, son of Nel, waltzed me down the aisle of Eternity and across the threshold of our Castle in the Clouds.

Happy 2nd Anniversary on June 6th, Honey!

Dreams really do come true, Y’all!


  1. You are so cute! I love when you write blogs. They are always so entertaining and well thought out and well written. I love it!

  2. And many, many, MANY more happy and healthy years to you and Sir Eugene, son of Nel!

    Bless you both,
    your good fairy (AKA mistress headshrinker ;0)