Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simmering Summer Cold Remedies

On Friday just after leaving the Austin TX Chapter IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) monthly meeting, (which was very informative and interesting), I stopped off at Marshalls for a bargain-hunting shopping fix. I needed another set of workout togs and a new pair of tennis shoes.

Just as I spied a spectacular pair of Saucony athletic shoes, which I bought for $20 less than the last place I saw them, I began to sneeze...and sneeze...and sneeze.  I was gettin' blessed by all kinds of people. 

"Bless you!"

Well, it's time to cash in all those blessings, because I have definitely caught something crummy!  My head feels like somebody stuffed it full of cotton. My chest is cinched tight. I can't lay down without the sensation of drowning in my own sinus pools.  And, today, this crud has moved down to my throat and is threatening to invade my lungs. 

So, I've pulled out all the stops.  This morning began with a dose of nose spray, Listerine, Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu Daytime, Loratadine (for allergies), Mucinex (the miracle mucus pill), a workout at Planet Fitness followed by a protein and "greens" shake, krill oil, and last, but not least - NeilMed Sinus Rinse.  You may recognize the name NeilMed® as the maker of the infamous Neti Pot.  (I, however, could never allow myself to use anything called a "neti pot".  That just sounds wrong to me.)

With all the medication I have doused down my throat today, it's a wonder I'm not comatose.  And, at the end of Day 2, I'm still sick.  The best I felt today was at the funeral we attended (R.I.P. Tony & Sussie Herrera), and even then I was having hot flashes throughout the entire service, which was beautiful and uplifting.

The odd thing is that I'm happy as a clam! (Are clams really happy? Click here to find out.)

Sniffling, snuffling, snorting, sick and smiling.  Weird, huh?  Yeah, I know.  I could win the Weird Woman Award and wear the ribbon with pride stuck to my forehead. 

I welcome any of your granny's or your own homegrown remedies for a summer sinus cold.  However, with 100+ temperatures here in Austin, chicken noodle soup is definitely out of the question. 

Pass the Kleenex, Y'all!


  1. You know I love ya darling but you misspelled thong in the last line of the first paragraph.

    :) You are pretty damn good at this blogging thingy. You are "well written".

    This Clint and I don't know how to open any profile except anonyoumus. It's hard being a dumb ass in the city.

  2. PS G- My cure is to move to Connecticut which(after six months I learned to spell correctly)has perfect temps (80 today, low mumanity, nice breeze and sunshine) and ZERO allergy issues.

    BTW Clint the dunb ass again here.

  3. I meant humanity which is my malapropism for humidity.

    CB again. Man what a dumb ass!

  4. Clint, dahlink, you are one of the silliest men on the planet. Love you, too! Hey, when are YOU gonna start blogging again? You are actually quite funny in your blogs. "See" ya later, tater tot! I gotta go look up "malapropism" in the dictionary. :)

  5. By the way, to post under your own name rather than Anon,select Name/URL. Type in your name and skip the URL.