Friday, March 12, 2010

Gotta Go?

A topic of paramount importance to most women I know is “Where’s a good public restroom?” A few months ago on ABC Nightly News, Charlie Gibson told me about a chain of gas stations in Texas that were purported to have the cleanest restrooms in the nation. Watch it for yourself.

I made a mental note, but thought nothing of it until our return roadtrip home from Gonzales, Texas. There, on the outskirts of town, sat one of the infamous Buc-ee’s. I pointed it out to Gene, who was not terribly impressed, and insisted we turn around and go back for a look-see.

The place was packed! There were vehicles of every type gassing up at the pumps and the parking area in front of the convenience store was full of cars. Lucky for us, we found a spot at the end of the lot and made our way inside. Trinkets, gourmet foods and unusual merchandise captured my attention immediately, as well as the constant buzzing of patrons.

There was Texas memorabilia of every sort imaginable, University of Texas Longhorn merchandise, jewelry, t-shirts, rugs, toys, hats….you name it, Buc-ee’s had it all. Gene and I wandered from section to section, taking it all in, and then came upon the largest assortment of jerky I’ve ever seen. There was beef jerky, seasoned every which-a-way, buffalo jerky, elk jerky, and more. The slogan on Buc-ee’s corporate website says, “Everything You Ever Needed. You Just Didn’t Know It.” That ain’t no lie!

I suddenly remembered my original purpose for wanting to check out this road traveler’s haven, and headed towards the restroom. As I rounded the corner of the Ladies Room entrance, the first thing I noticed was the nice artwork, which was unusual to see on a wall of a public restroom.

The next thing that struck me was no waiting line. With so many cars out front, I would’ve expected at least a few gals in line waiting to go. Instead, I saw two, long, gloriously amazing rows of stalls. Each one had nearly a full-length, honest-to-goodness door! I stepped up cautiously to the first open door and as I pushed open the door, I sucked in my breath. The cleanliness of the restroom was definitely something to take note of! Not to mention the lovely tile and design.

One of the issues I feel Buc-ee’s addresses spectacularly with their stall design is the ability to accommodate women of all sizes. A large-sized woman would feel quite comfortable in a
Buc-ee’s stall, as would a mother toting a child in a stroller. Last, but not least, each stall has a dispenser on the wall with hand sanitizer. Even a woman with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) has her needs met at Buc-ee’s.

Yessiree, Buc-ee’s seems to have thought of everything!

So, if you’re ever down in South Central Texas, be sure to hold it until you get to a Buc-ee’s! It’ll be worth your pain!

Hold It, Y’all!!

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